Overall Satisfaction: Survey Findings with Georgia's Technology Climate (mean historical scores)

Satisfaction with GA Technology Climate: The respondents to the Georgia Technology Decision Makers Survey were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with conducting technology business in the state of Georgia. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 means "completely satisfied" and 1 means "completely dissatisfied," the respondents in the most recent survey rated their satisfaction with Georgia as 6.98. This represents a continued downward decline, but slightly above the historical low of 2013. Statistically, the slight annual variations in the ratings from year to year are not meaningful. However, the rating continues to indicate that Georgia is in the "at risk" range based on methodology developed by CSM Research. In the scale presented, this rating indicates the state has yet to differentiate itself as a technology location and remains at risk of losing technology-based businesses to states deemed more competitive.

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