2018 Report Overview

To the Georgia Technology Community:

We are pleased to release the results of our 2018 "State of the Industry: Technology in Georgia" report (SOIR) which provides our annual assessment of the strengths and key issues we are facing within the technology sectors of Georgia. Working in partnership with Porter Research, this year's report focuses on the key drivers that create and sustain a vibrant and healthy technology-driven economy in the State of Georgia: Talent, Capital, and Innovation.

The 2018 SOIR report reveals that we have much to be proud of:

  • Georgia continues to be a major U.S. technology center
    • Top 10 U.S. technology employment market
    • Growing our technology sector employment faster than the US average
    • Technology wages growing faster than key market peers and US average
    • Providing strong technology hubs in Software, Equipment and Entertainment sectors
  • Capital invested in Georgia surged in 2017 - growing 113% over 2016. Georgia is now a top 6 market for VC-backed investment; and
  • We continue to show signs of creating innovation momentum

However, the 2018 SOIR study continues to indicate that Georgia and its key markets, still has work to do to create a thriving technology-driven economy:

  • We continue to see signs of a talent gap in GA - impressions of skill quality haven't significantly improved year over year, positions critical to growth and operations are difficult to find, and Georgia lags in its ability to attract knowledgeable workers from other states and internationally compared to other states;
  • More seed/early stage investment is needed to create a more vibrant entrepreneurial environment; many are looking to established GA-based companies to provide that investment; and
  • While talent and capital are major factors, GA needs to address key issues that affect innovation development and commercialization.

TAG looks forward to our continued work with it members and key stakeholders in creating the policy and action steps required to create strong and vibrant technology sectors within Georgia.

Best regards,

Larry K. Williams
President & CEO,
Technology Association of Georgia

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