Key Finding 6: Total Invested Capital - Georgia


Georgia’s total invested capital in 2017 was $3.99 billion, according to CB Insights – up 149% from 2016 – which is significantly higher than the national increase of 17% during this period. Including venture capital, corporate venture, private equity, angel funding and other deals, the state’s past two-year total (2016 and 2017) approached almost $6 billion.

Despite the tremendous year-over-year capital growth, technology leaders believe that:

  • It’s not easy to raise capital in GA: Only 35% believe that it’s easy to raise capital in Georgia, (mean score of 5.46 out of 10).
  • Georgia’s key strengths in raising capital are associated primarily with state affordability and quality of life; strong airport and transportation, and local universities;

The primary weaknesses that Georgia faces to raise capital include: excessive traffic, the limited investor VC/PE community to provide seed and early stage funding, a perceived risk-averse investment approach, and difficulty with early stage investment are the biggest weaknesses for Georgia to raise business capital.

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