Key Finding 9: Measure of GA Innovation - Innovation Index


Georgia ranks below the national innovation index (100) with a score of 91.50. This Innovation Index was created by the Indiana Business Research Center based on a weighted index of several key measures: Human Capital (30%), Economic Dynamics (30%), Productivity and Employment (30%) and Economic Well-being (10%).

A new Innovation Index (2.0) was developed in 2016 that provides a measurement system (not indexed to the U.S. average) that measures five key categories of innovation for counties and metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). The Atlanta MSA ranked highest in the state (119) and ranked 38th (of 380 MSAs) in the U.S., followed by Savannah (94.4) and Columbus (91.6). Within Georgia, those counties with the highest innovation index are located in the greater Atlanta area, with Fulton County having an overall innovation index of 122 and an overall rank of 31 (out of 3,110 counties). Canton (in Cherokee County) provided a high innovation index.

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